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By now, you will have realized the search for the Holy Grail of trading is tough. Despite all the hype telling you how you can make fortunes with the latest special traffic light system or indicator!

Most are looking for the Grail in the wrong place.

Most Traders lose money

*The reality is that almost 90% of Spread Bettors are under water. In the US, it’s options where most lose. These are the facts, so let’s get real and move into the 10% zone.

Some do make it. They've found the Holy Grail and we can help you find yours....


Our entry course, we recommend to

 all who want to get started, is:


The Twenty Minute Extreme

 Swing Trader!*


Regularly £279, now entirely FREE when you become a Traders Class member at just £97 quarterly!

Click this link for full details of the TMEST, then come back and sign up to Traders Class from this page.


There is another way

By doing the opposite of what most do, the odds are now in your favour and you move into the 10% zone. As a Traders class member we work with you to move into, and stay in that inner circle of traders....

An Exclusive Club ...


This is where we come in ... Way back in 2002 we launched a select and exclusive 'club' called Traders Class, which is dedicated to mentoring you to trading success.


Over the years, hundreds of traders have benefitted from real world training that shows the how and why of trading correctly.


At least twice a week you receive our latest mentoring video. It shows the trades we are taking, in detail.


We show you the finer points of where and how to enter, manage your trading pot and where to place trading stops that always minimize risk and make sure you get the maximum from every trade.

 Members have access to our massive library of over 500 trading tutorials and trader interviews, all committed to improving your trading profits.

 Plus, free indicators, the ATR-Stretch for Tradestation or MT4…!

And of course, The Twenty Minute Extreme Swing Trader course and Indicators for as long as you are a member


Our twice weekly videos are based on The Twenty Minute Extreme Swing Trader, Breakfast Trader and Harmonic and Dynamic Wave Trader course.



Yes it's true - We give you exclusive trading software and seminar tutorials that show you exactly how we take intra day, and longer term, Breakfast and Harmonic Wave Trades.


Add in our extensive library of trading techniques and interviews together with substantial member discounts on our courses, seminars and personal coaching.


Dedicated to your trading success



There is no commitment to stay a member - you can join for a few months and then leave, or remain a member and get the latest seminars and tutorials on-line, plus exclusive discounts for as long as you remain a member.  


·         Archive of hundreds of mentoring videos featuring Breakfast and Harmonic trading techniques.

·         How to read the Commitment of Traders’ reports and find the big reversals

·         Using the Forex Cary Trade to your advantage

·         Finding the best Forex pairs to trade

·         Forex Traders Strategies using 'secret' Fibonacci numbers

·         Interpreting the best indicator of all - trading volume

·         US Traders Talk - with five great traders - Larery Pesavento, Robert Miner, Carolyn Boroden, Toni Hansen and Vad Graifer 

·         Forex Mentoring videos twice a week that show you exactly how to put it all into practice

·         Forecasting Markets with Elliott Wave using common sense methods.

·         Pairs Trading the Dax and Cac and the Brent and WTI Crude

·         How to use the five main Candle Charting patterns.

·         False break outs - no problem - we show you how to use them for explosive profits.

·         Exclusive videos with Forex fund manager Dave Floyd, Ed Ponsi Elliott Wave, Options and Fixed Odds trader John Piper, Peter Web, legendary investor and sports bet guru and many more... All FREE to members


This is just a taste of member resources, you will also learn our exclusive Money and Trade management techniques that you will not see elsewhere, and much more....

Also, members receive generous discounts on all our services including: The Breakfast Trader, Harmonic Wave Trader and The Extreme Trader programs – you save at least £100 on each!

And Save £100 now choose any ONE course

 FREE when you sign up for TC

 membership at £157 half yearly!


Choose from The Dynamic Wave Trader, TMEST, Extreme or The Harmonic Wave Trader or the Original Breakfast Trader.

Just email us, support@clickevents.co.uk to confirm your choice

No risk.... There is no risk involved in your membership - you can cancel at any time.  If you do cease membership you will of course miss out on the trading mentorship. exclusive TMEST indicators, online presentations, market commentary and discounts!

As more benefits are added Traders Class membership will go up. You are still in time to pay £157 for a full six months or £97 three monthly.

Please note the offer of TMEST free with membership may be withdrawn at any time.

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